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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hatchets, Buried Here...

Well, we're back from our equivalent of Hell Week, only it was more like a hellish two damn months!  It all started back in February with a cough and a light fever that soon spread to Robyn and her father (who lives with us): Influenza Type-A, which wouldn't normally be that big of a deal except yours truly has a heart condition and Dad is 77.  He got the worst of things, developing ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and pneumonia; but even Robyn did a stint in the emergency room.  It really sucked...

Anyway, Dad ended up intubated (that's knocked out and chemically paralyzed with a breathing tube) for a week after coding and almost dying twice.  I'm in awe of Robyn's ability to hold it together like she did.  She's a superstar.  Anyway, six weeks in the ICU became another six in rehab, and we're happy to report that Dad's home and thriving in isolation from COVID-19!  Can't beat timing like that; but he's alive, and we'll take that any day.

So it was in this context that I read The Ten Foot Pole's less-than-stellar review of Lair of the Shorlee Wyrm.  I wrote a scathing rebuke from bed; and we all know how rational we are when we're throwing up.  Now to be clear, I stand by my words.  When your central complaint is based on objective falsehoods it doesn't look good.  But the review was right about the preview and area descriptions (I'll admit it), and even its rants conveyed useful information to the reader.  It was just a review, and I probably should have let it go.

Hear that Bryce?  I'll bury the hatchet.  You rock on with your bad self and eviscerate the Philistines.  I suppose it's a vital public service, not to mention fun.  Lord knows we all could use a bit more levity these days.  We have a nice little community here, and even its more extreme personalities have their own special charm.  Let's hope we can ride out this plague season and return to something like normalcy.  Anyway, we won't be back in business for another week or so; but we'll be dropping in and sending our best wishes for all...


  1. It's never easy (or fun) to swallow criticism, especially if/when it's warranted. Recently solicited Bryce for some feedback on an old adventure of mine, and he was gracious enough to provide me with a good page or two of sound notes (rewrites will be coming!).

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, man. Stay healthy!

  2. Good health to you, and stay safe!