Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The Fabulous Bag of Maybe...

Most magic is pretty dramatic. But what if there's an echelon of so-called practical magic desired by adventurers for their convenience value. Maybe try these on for size...

Bag of Maybe. Has a 10% chance of producing some small, desired object.

Everful Skin. Holds an endless supply of some beverage but won't flood a room. 

Self-Warming Bedroll. Magically heated, the character is always comfortable. 

Steadfast Torch. Never goes out until commanded to do so or magically dispelled.

Waterproof Tinder. Self explanatory. This stuff never gets wet or gets used up.

These things don't look any different, and you'd need to detect magic to know they were more than their ordinary counterparts. Magic is spectacular; but sometimes practical's better...

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