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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Cerastes (Pits & Perils)

As we put the finishing touches on Infernal Realms, here's a terrible little beastie for anyone brave (and foolish) enough to visit desert environments.  Beware and enjoy! 

The cerastes is a solitary desert hunter 
with a variety of deadly and highly specialized attacks  

Cerastes      3(*)     5     40'   N     M      1       A/II

The CERASTES are solitary, burrowing serpents having two powerful front legs and a pair of flexible horns that swivel, adding an additional +1 to any damage dealt with them.  They dwell in desert environments, burrowing under the sand and awaiting their prey, hiding so well that they can only be detected through magic or when extraordinary steps are taken.  Their surprised quarry must roll saving dice at -1 or become entangled with a successful hit, being dragged below and drowning for 2 hits per round.  

When met above ground, they fight with a bite and two claws or by using their flexible horns, these being highly prized by alchemists for use in a wide variety of potions, like Shrinking, etc.  

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