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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Slatanic Wars (Part I)

Happenings in Yerth (a P&P setting):

Slatinum, that faintly glowing metal prized for its ability to capture and release magical energy, is a component of magical rings and weaponry.  From whence it comes has long been a mystery, and even the sages of the Astral School debate this fact, although the fashionable idea is that it falls from the sky.

It has long been suspected that the Green Dragon, a short period comet with a green tail, is the principle source of all slatinum on earth, falling on close passage.  Indeed, the elven chronicles suggest that the metal is most abundant after the comet's passage, which occurs every century, such that only they (dwarves being less concerned) have any continuous record.

The elves kept detailed records about the short
period comet called the Green Dragon, but say little about it...

So when the mages of the Astral College predicted that the comet's next passage (798 by man's reckoning) would bring it near enough to possibly make impact, there was much excitement.  Obviously, this stood to introduce more of the prized metal.  However, the more astute among them saw the seeds of a great disaster, as a comet of that size could bring devastation upon the world and tamper with its native magical systems in ways terrible and unexpected.

At the time there was still a generation to go, making this an academic issue, although some, like Thelingus Magmerum, continued to seek answers.  Indeed, he was racing his chief public rival, the wicked arch mage Arhezebolis, to an answer.  While Thelingus sought to prepare the world, his nemesis no doubt wished only to secure what stood to be the single greatest concentration of magical power anywhere in the world (and to his own advantage).

Thelingus Magmerum prefers to work alone, but may 
advise or otherwise employ a party of adventurers to further 
his goals.  At any given time he will also carry
1d6 potions and/or scrolls he has created for routine use.

Whoever secures this mighty resource and knows how to shape its energies would see their power amplified to godlike proportions and their being forever changed.  What matter the devastation of a planet when one is a literal god above such things?  And how easy subjugating Yerth's devastated survivors?

Perhaps your own party gets involved?  There's more to come...

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