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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Aliquid

Recently, our good (and talented) friend Mike Hill posted some original artwork on the Pits & Perils community, asking someone to fill in the blanks and stat for P&P... 

His only guidance to us was "it's known to some as The Incredibly Frightening Thing."  No doubt!  Mike is incredibly talented, and we hope we do this marvelous creation right! 

The aliquid, imagined and masterfully
drawn by the extremely talented Mike Hill!  

Alquid       6(*)      8     50'   C     L      1       A/III

The ALIQUID (meaning frightening thing or simply "thing" in the ancient High Common) is a bizarre ogre sometimes found in woodland surroundings or, rarely, underground.  Initially, it appear as a   benign giant, standing 12' tall with a wizened appearance that masks its otherwise violent intent...

Wholly wicked and cunning, the giant often presents itself to a party as a friend, possibly seeking aid and appearing as vulnerable and non-threatening as possible.  Note that they may go to great length to perpetuate this cruel hoax (alternately, they may claim to be some "wise old man of the forest" and promise to share the location of a fabulous hoard or something similar).

Some 1-2 in 1d6 have the equivalent of a Mask spell that works at will, but only when viewed from the front. 

Once the party's trust is gained and conditions are otherwise favorable, the aliquid reveals it's true nature, sprouting a second pair of arms, a matching set of tentacles, and worse yet, toothy mouths (sporting sharp teeth) along its sides!

The aliquid fights with all four claws and uses its tentacles to snatch a victim.  This requires saving dice to avoid being dragged and held against its hungry mouths, suffering the equivalent of drowning (1 hit per round), although saving dice can be rolled each round to pull away if the referee otherwise permits....

Obviously, these terrible giants are often successful and maintain great hoards in their stinking lairs.  

The aliquid is an an awesome beast, so many thanks to Mike Hill!

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