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Monday, May 4, 2015

Retrospace (The Coming Update)

We're on (a much needed) vacation right now, but somehow still managed to get Retrospace, our sci-fi themed Braunstein! expansion, out the door.  That said, we'll be drafting one final update sometime around May 16-18th with the following changes.  So if you're playing now, consider these official:

(1) Illiterate characters are PLANETBORN, having less experience with the universe in general, although resourceful.  

(2) Literates are SPACEBORN, being far more familiar with an extended cosmos, getting a lore bonus and speaking another language, subject to the details of the chronicle, etc.

(3) Maximum turning radius is now 60 degrees to better facilitate use of hex maps, and the firing radius for DARTER spacecraft is reduced to 60 degrees, again, for the same.

(4) Terrans may or may not speak a terrestrial language, subject always to the specifics of the judge's chronicle.

We're improving Retrospace,
and planning some freebies to boot! 

If you've already bought Retrospace, consider these official, unless, of course, you decide to change things for your own game or chronicle, etc.  If you haven't bought it yet, you can wait or buy it now safe in the knowledge that the update is coming!

Oh, and we'll be releasing some FREEBIES:

1. Character sheets (reflecting the above changes),

2. Planetary worksheets with life form and terrain tables, and

3. Spacecraft worksheets (for battles)!

Expect this in late May, so fire up those lasers you space cadets!


  1. Those freebies are great! By the way, what about releasing a little adventure for Retrospace? I love the very idea of this game, and I think an official "dungeon" -so to speak- would help a lot in creating adventures for it and taking advantage of the unique setting/rules.

    Anyway, congratulations and keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you! An adventure is coming!