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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Forgotten Prisoner (Pits & Perils)

Last time we talked about the classic Aurora Movie Monsters model kits as old-school inspiration.  This time around, we're taking it a step further and doing one for Pits & Perils!  Our subject, the enigmatic Forgotten Prisoner, one of the few not based on an actual movie monster.  We love this guy, so here goes...

Those left to die sometimes return,
with greater power and freedom than in life!

THE FORGOTTEN PRISONER: Yes, this is based off a 70s model kit, having certifiable old-school pedigree, and if you've ever actually assembled one, please let us know:

            1(*)     6     50'   C     M       1      (*)

Sometimes, prisoners are left to die; chained to a wall or languishing in some cell, etc.  When this happens, the embittered spirit lingers near their remains, travelling up to 1 mile from wherever they died.  This can lead to terrifying hauntings that defy all attempts at exorcism, even by clerics.

Forgotten prisoners are invisible to all but the ethereal, even through magic and, even then, are only affected by magical weapons or spells.  When encountered on these terms, the prisoner is a 
terrifying foe, attacking with a chilling touch that requires saving dice (rolled at +1) lest the target lose their next round and, if applicable, initiative due to a morbid, deathly fear.

Otherwise, forgotten prisoners are invisible and cannot directly engage characters, although they might still manipulate their surroundings by throwing objects up to 50 pounds and causing injury under the right circumstances.  Given the nature of their deaths, prisoners are not subject to clerical turning.

If the physical remains (what is left of them) can be recovered, removed, and given a religious burial, the spirit will quiet and the hauntings cease.  Otherwise, slain ones reform in 1d6+1 days to resume their activities, noting that some prisoners may go to great lengths to conceal (and defend) their mortal remains...  

This fine kit is still available, by the way.  Get yours here!!!   


  1. I've built over 100 of them, including the one you have posted. That is my build I did for Moebius.