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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Doom (A Spell for Pits & Perils)

Here's a spell for Pits & Perils from the Astral College in Yerth and useful when planning dangerous adventures.  But be warned, the future one glimpses might be troubling, and some things are better left unseen.  Still, there are some in Yerth brave enough to glimpse what might be their ultimate doom!

Who really wants to see their
ultimate doom?  Sometimes, it's bloody...

reveals one possible fate

DOOM grants the magician a vision of their fate on any upcoming adventure (normally, within one game day).  The referee then selects what they consider the most dangerous enemy (or trap) in their prepared scenario and presents a vision showing what MIGHT happen should they encounter it.  For instance, falling into a pit or being devoured by a specific monster, etc.  The vision should offer no other advice or information, but only a glimpse of something deadly that COULD happen - a good way to scare the players!

Note that if the magician is resting in town, their visions are generally mundane and non-threatening unless the referee has other plans for the party, like assassins, etc.  

This spell was written by Thelingus Magmerum, but seldom used because its visions are disturbing.  In the Yerth campaign, doing so requires saving dice to avoid a trembling fear such that all dice are rolled at -2 for the following game day.  So be warned...

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