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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Return of Retrospace (Pangea Style)

The RETROSPACE expansion will be RE-RELEASED, this time as a supplement to Blood of Pangea!  And while this wasn't necessarily an easy decision, we nonetheless feel like it's the right one and ultimately best for the product and players, which brings us to the purpose of this post: Why do this?

For the unfamiliar, RETROSPACE was originally an expansion to our historical Braunstein! game.  But after just 20 days in circulation, the title was pulled pending an official Licensing agreement with David Wesley, creator of the original Braunstein, and Retrospace was pulled as well.  As a game expansion, it made no sense to keep it going when its source rulebook was no more. 

Retrospace was collateral damage.  Fine.  But why are we making this decision now?  Basically, we think it's best because:

(1) Retrospace is PULP SCI-FI, so it makes sense to attach it to a pulp-fantasy system.  Furthermore, Blood of Pangea's narrative approach and gameplay mechanics are better-suited, and this opens up tremendous (and exciting) possibilities...  

(2) Since Brausntein! is currently out of circulation pending an upcoming Licensing agreement, there isn't a better time to make this course correction.  It's better in the long-run...

Pulp science fiction has thrills on
par with the the very best of sword and sorcery! 

So now, the important stuff...

Those who've already purchased Braunstein/Retrospace can still access these through their Drive-Thru/RPGNow libraries (although we recommend saving them elsewhere) and therefore, have access to a complete game.  Play it and have fun!  

At some future time, Brausntein! will be UPDATED as Baron of Braunstein!, but the original Retrospace will hereafter be exclusive to Blood of Pangea.  The older one is out of print...

But still available through your libraries!

And while there's considerable overlap, we've revised the game to reference Blood of Pangea concepts and add additional materials pertaining to futuristic skills, including mechanics, robotics, and medical trades, plus revised and streamlined psionics in keeping with a narrative game.  Otherwise, expect a return of our rules for outer space combat and the living worlds!  

This is coming 30 JULY 2015, as soon as we get back from running a Pits & Perils event (the Vines of Atarak) at KantCon 2015!!!

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