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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Incarnations of Eddie...

Ok, we love Iron Maiden.  There, we said it.  And not just the classic albums from the 1980s, but their recent stuff as well, and in honor of their latest release (The Book of Souls), we present their iconic mascot, Eddie, imagined as a powerful cosmic entity for Pits & Perils, but easily tailored. 

ED T'HED (or in the vernacular, Edward The Head) is a powerful universal entity who appears much like a dry and desiccated corpse, although otherwise alive and kicking.  It is said that he somehow transcended death to become a cosmic being and now travels time and space in a variety of guises (beyond mentioning), taking numerous different forms as his need so requires...

Ed T'Hed can assume a staggering
number of incarnations as befits his purpose...

He normally appears as a 20th century English metalhead wearing jeans and a nondescript t-shirt.  Whether he originally lived 
in this time or simply has an affinity for it is unknown, although routinely travelling (by unknown means) through Earth's history, pursuing errands known only to him...

While basically neutral in outlook, Ed has a moral streak and is known to challenge demons and work to help those in need: 

ATTACKS 1(*) LEVEL: 10 (30 HP)  MOVE: 50'  SIDE: N 

NOTE: Ed (or Eddie) is treated as an enemy (monster) for hits and attack bonuses (+3 for level).  He typically eschews armor, preferring speed over added protection.  Having overcome death, he cannot truly be slain, rising again in 1d6+1 days, either in his standard form or something else that suits his purposes as per the referee and the adventure at hand...

Eddie is not a spell-caster, but may exhibit other powers suiting his current form, noting that he cannot normally switch between these during the same encounter, as this is tied to his current goal and fixed until it is done.  This may include artifacts that can only be used by him (being summoned from deep space) and cannot be taken from him through any ordinary means.    

Eddie's known manifestations include:    

BEAST-SLAYER EDDIE reputedly descended into the underworld and defeated a major demon lord.  In this incarnation, he wields a enchanted HAND AXE +1, +2 vs. demons and/or devils, although otherwise appearing in his customary form.  It should be noted that in this guise, he is impervious to normal fire.

Eddie, in beast-slayer form,
fears not even the mightiest of demons...

NOTE: Any roll of a natural (unmodified) 12 with this weapon requires the affected demon to roll saving dice or be decapitated instantly, referee so permitting!

POWERSLAVE EDDIE traveled into Earth's distant past and became revered as a god-pharaoh (a story unto itself), suffering death and subsequent burial and resurrection.  Here he appears as a living mummy or, alternately, a sphinx-like creature having a bite and two claws and treated as being large for damage.

With the right purpose, Eddie can
even survive his own death for a limited time...

NOTE: In this form, Eddie is essentially impervious to death, returning in 1d6 rounds (and at full hits), although only once per combat for balance.  This is his LIVE AFTER DEATH manifestation, something Eddie's been known to assume when slain before his present business has yet to be completed... 

TROOPER EDDIE wears a British Trooper uniform and often wields an enchanted UNION JACK that adds +1 to initiative, affecting both himself and any friends within sight of it.  He otherwise carries a powerful CALVARY SABRE +2.  In this form he can die per the above rules, although he will always make a last desperate charge, dealing an automatic 3d6 hits to the enemy if within range.

Eddie has an affinity for Earth and
its history, often fighting in important battles...

NOTE: Eddie can use both the Union Jack and his Sabre, holding one in each hand, conditions permitting.

Ed T'Hed has taken many other forms; including a space alien and, most recently, an Aztec Priest, or so reports claim.  Who knows what other visages await?  We encourage other like-minded gamers to present Eddie in their own systems, as this powerful being passes through countless universes on his many errands.  We love old-school gaming and old-school metal, so roll those dice and UP THE IRONS!


  1. Yes this is perfect. I have been scratching my head on an assassin/nemesis. Somewhere in Time Eddie will rain fire down upon them murderhobos.
    Up the Irons!

    1. I love the cover of that album. The members of the band are hiding in the background.

    2. I love the cover of that album. The members of the band are hiding in the background.

  2. Funny! As I read your blog, I am listening to "Dir With Your Boots on."