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Sunday, November 22, 2015

No Pits & Perils Second Edition?

Recently, there's been some loose talk of a Pits & Perils second edition in hardcover form.  Talk from us, actually.  But upon considerable examination, we've ruled against this and are declaring now that there will be NO SECOND EDITION GAME.

At the same time, we LOVE this system and want to release a final, definitive version for posterity.  Something nice to put on the bookshelf.  So here's what we're doing to make this happen, and what it means for the fans and the future...

First, Pits & Perils was always conceived as an amateur rulebook straight from the early 70s.  This is its entire identity, and transforming it into a well-produced format takes all of that away, with serious repercussions for how the game is played.

Furthermore, combining the supplements into a single volume makes the game both more complex and more canonical, which actively interferes with the referee's own freedom to house-rule.  We prefer that the extra rules remain purely optional.

We aren't Wizards of the Coast, and
don't want to release a new edition of the
game every few years that people feel
obligated to buy.  P&P is (mostly) a done deal! 

Finally, it just didn't FEEL right, so that's that.  But what are we doing instead, and what does it mean?

First of all, we're undertaking a MAJOR EDIT of the rulebooks and culling any errata (we're almost done here).  If you've already purchased the digital books, you'll get an UPDATE in your libraries, with an announcement from us when it finally goes down.

Next, we'll be discontinuing the softcover books, so if you've already purchased them, CONGRATULATIONS, you now own an out-of-print version of the game.  This HAS NOT happened yet, and we'll make an announcement when the time comes... 

We'll see (we're open to feedback), which leads to...

THE COLLECTED PITS & PERILS, which is literally a hardcover compilation of the original (better edited) rulebooks, complete with glossy pages and full-color interior covers.  This is something attractive (not to mention sturdy) for your bookshelves!

Otherwise, we'll finish Basement Adventures #2-4 to round out the series and provide some higher-level scenarios, although this probably won't conclude until late 2016.  As always, you can expect an announcement when new stuff becomes available.

That's it, the updates/hardcover are planned for February 2016!

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