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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Alchemist Class for Pits & Perils

While most alchemists are pure non-adventurers, the ADVENTURING ALCHEMIST breaks the mold.  These expert apothecaries are a magician variant that often accompanies adventuring parties, aiding their friends with at-the-ready potions...

First, as previously stated, the ALCHEMIST is a magician variant, progressing (hits and spell points) as that class.

Being the adventurous sort, they may wear leather armor, although shields are prohibited (they need both hands to harvest their ingredients) and fight with one-handed weapons.  This includes magic armor and weaponry, where applicable...

Adventuring alchemists are skilled
herbalists who can make a variety of potions from
just about anything!

This variant is subject to the following:

(1) Characters can brew a number of potions per day equal to available spell points, noting here that they cannot otherwise cast spells, although scrolls remain available to them. 

(2) They may brew any potions they know how to make; three at first level and one per level thereafter.

(3) Success is automatic, and the character is assumed to have potions ready at the start of each new game day barring imprisonment or similar conditions that preclude foraging. 

(4) These potions function at the level of the alchemist, where applicable.  Furthermore, all such mixtures are FAR LESS POTENT than the usual sort and ONLY LAST ONE GAME DAY, after which new potions must be prepared, per the above.

(5) At 9th level (wizard), the alchemist may attempt to brew ANY potion, rolling saving dice for success.  Failure does not otherwise expend spell points, however, subject to the referee, etc.

This class is assumed to gather ingredients from the surrounding environment, always stuffing their pockets with whatever they manage to find and using this to brew their concoctions, subject to any additional rules imposed by the referee.  Basically, they can make virtually ANYTHING from just about EVERYTHING...  

The ADVENTURING ALCHEMIST is basically a magician who replaces spells with potions, but cannot stockpile owing to the weak potency of these makeshift concoctions.  A fun variant, and worth a go!

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