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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hartha Kredd, a Villain for Blood of Pangea...

Hartha Kredd was promised to Set-Amon at birth, being most likely stolen and offered to the cult as a devotional sacrifice.  No doubt the priests (and the god himself) saw his magical potential and raised him as a champion of the underworld.  Now a mature man in his late forties, he positions himself as an envoy to Nemia's many neighbors, acting civilly and even offering genuine aid should it suit his purpose(s).  Even so, his loyalty is to the cult, and given his destiny, he allows none to stand in his way...

Judges can have the players encounter Hartha in some palace or similar location, perhaps serving as an emissary.  Rarely will he hire a party, however, unless doing so suits some hidden agenda related to the Nemian cult.  That being said, he will dispatch his many servants (mortal or otherwise) to spy on the characters if their presence conflicts with his plans.  To this end, he employs local mercenaries and, less often, summoned devils, to obtain knowledge such that he is seldom caught off guard and should always be prepared for a hostile group.

Being an important political figure, he has access to considerable wealth, which might have players interested in him!


Hartha is ideal for games that emphasize role-playing and negotiation, although direct confrontation is possible given the known habits of adventurers in Pangea!    

Although an accomplished sorcerer with some additional MIGHT to spend on spellcraft, Hartha will generally try to negotiate first, using magic to delay or distract his foes should negotiations otherwise fail.  Against clearly stronger enemies, he will summon a horned devil and then employ magic to escape.  Given his official position and political role, he is publicly quite unassailable without risking legal complications, as local rulers, desperate to secure Nemia's favor, will almost always side with him.

It should be stressed again that Hartha Kredd is highly competent and seldom engages enemies except under conditions (and/or in a setting) chosen by him.  If cornered, he may submit long enough to plot his escape or use his ring as a melee attack.  It has been rumored that Hartha has returned from the dead, perhaps in service to his god, and may do so again, although this is probably just a myth perpetuated by the ignorant and fearful (or maybe the sorcerer himself) and should never be clearly addressed with the players.    

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