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Friday, February 26, 2016

We Used to Be in Magazines...

A few years back, when Pits & Perils was new (and just an obscure softcover on the Lulu storefront), we reached out to some fine folks in the UK.  The result was an article they kindly published in a wonderful online magazine entitled Errational Thinking, although we fear that it's most likely ceased production...

The article was written when it was just P&P, although its publishers seemed aware that we'd since released the Fear! Fire! Foes! supplement as well.  At any rate, our promotional stuff postulates a semi-fictional history of RPGs and imagined what might have happened if someone tried to create the sort of thing they would have otherwise only heard about via word of mouth from Lake Geneva in the early 70s.  You get the idea.

As it happens, it was earlier in the game's history, and we were likely more in touch with our intuitions, for we reveal the game for the thought experiment it sort of was (in addition to a game we actually played).  But the article also goes into some detail about what we consider old-school and why it even matters to us.  

So without further ado, here's a link to that esteemed issue...


Anyway, we hope that you enjoy, and while the magazine is out of circulation, we'd still like to thank Melissa Humpleby for her kind support of our efforts to promote the game.  She, along with some friends, like +Sean Wills, have really helped the game take off with British audiences, and we deeply appreciate everyone's support!

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