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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hathluu (a Pale House for Opherian Scrolls)...

This week, we're serving up a NEW PALE HOUSE for BoP: Opherian Scrolls for use in your own campaigns:

HATHLUU is a lesser-known house, being concerned with torture and interrogations, but also ritual sacrifice, which figures prominently even in Youngling culture.  As such, they serve Uku Utargarath, a demon lord especially fond of graven images and depicted in numerous altars and the elaborate temple in Yaminse.  His servants perform UKU'S OFFERING, allowing them to sacrifice once per day.

UKU'S OFFERING allows the user to convert a single slain enemy, although never any undead, into a BOON; usually, a bit of fantastic good luck within the same game day.  The power of this is always proportional to the strength of the sacrifice made.  

Note that for game purposes, a bound/helpless captive can be slain instantly, and that an agent of Uku will usually appear...

Cruel Uku is disdainful
and delights in human suffering...

UKU (Goru/Goruku/Urukurum) is a huge (12' tall) demon clad in the skins of former enemies, all inscribed in runes detailing their confessions gained through torture.  In combat, he attacks with his single horn for 1d6+1 damage or his whips, a successful hit from which extracts a single confession from its victim and incapacitates them for 1d6+4 rounds from the horrific pain inflicted.

Those entering into formal pacts with Uku may receive a grisly artifact in the form of one of his UKUAN SKINS which, whenever worn, bestows one random benefit (roll 1d6: 1-2 combat, 3-4 magic, 5-6 stealth) as suits the confession of its prior owner.

The city states formerly dedicated to Uku's house have long-since fallen to the Younglings, although lingering cults still occupy ancient ruins and still-active temples in Opherian cities now under human control.  Although reviled, the talents of his elder House, including specialized torture techniques, are in high demand among the Youngling kingdoms, who have no shortage of prisoners!

Note that because this is an especially dark house, judges might limit it to non-player characters.  But if the campaign seems suitable, players can be allowed membership, noting that Uku's house is prone to madness or similar infirmities given its evil work...

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