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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Weapon Specialization (Pits & Perils)...

So after months of work on Stalkers of the Elder Dark, we're hankering for a world where cosmic abominations aren't seeking our doom, and Pits & Perils fits the bill nicely!  So here's
a little something for your fighters (and elven fighters)...

It's a new combat maneuver called specialization, and it works like this:

SPECIALIZATION can only be taken at 6th level (and beyond), once the character has developed their fighting skills.  This grants an attack bonus of +1 with any specific weapon chosen by the player in coordination with the referee, noting that this applies to a specific variety; i.e., hand axes instead of just axes as per the following:  

Axe (hand), bow (long), bow (short), mace, spear, sword (long), sword (short)

Note also that certain two-handed melee weapons and/or polearms are excluded, for these benefit from distance and momentum instead of finesse, although the referee can make exceptions as they so wish.  This reflects the greater skill that comes with practice, especially after six levels of battling monsters!  An optional addition to the maneuvers.     

And here it is.  If you'd like to see your characters (the combatants, at least) improve their fighting ability with level, this option makes it all possible.  Specialization puts a party on parity against their enemies, who will improve, although magical weapons obviously remain an important part of their advancement.  Now hit those pits and master those perils...

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