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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life (A Spell for Pits & Perils)

Who wants to die?  And what wouldn't we do for just a few extra moments alive and kicking?  In that spirit, we offer you this spell for your Pits & Perils game, although a mixed blessing that commands a very high price when used...  

 1 turn/level
  raise a slain companion 

LIFE allows the magician to temporarily resurrect a single slain companion, automatically restoring them to 1 HP and allowing them to function normally for a number of game turns equal to the caster's level (and, optionally, +1 turn per target level).

For game purposes, the referee should assume that all lost or severed limbs are restored as well, although once again, the target reverts to 1 HP until further healed, etc.

Life temporarily resurrects a fallen
companion, but exacts a rather steep price... 

The target can be subsequently healed and otherwise functions as normal, but dies when the spell ends.  Note, however, that if a proper (clerical) resurrection is performed within this time period, the subject is permanently restored to life with no loss in level and with any lost limbs regenerated per the referee... 

This (very powerful) spell exacts a terrible price on the user, however, as it drains the magician of all available spell points and renders them incapable of casting additional spells for 1d6+1 game days, and even magical items will fail to work properly unless saving dice are made.  The latter are rolled whenever the character attempts to use an item, subject to conditions.

Furthermore, and to further curb its great power, this spell may only be cast by human magicians of at least 5th level and is unavailable to elves, who disapprove of altering nature in this way and seldom seek such power.  Indeed, no character will learn the charm unless they can somehow find a copy written on a scroll or in some ancient tome that is no doubt guarded by terrible foes!

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