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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Return of (Barons of) Braunstein!

This last weekend we got a little visit from no less than the legendary David Wesley himself.  He and his wife, Su, stopped by to visit and finalize the details of a Licensing agreement that will allow us to republish Braunstein! as BARONS OF BRAUNSTEIN, complete with additional rules and other cool stuff...

For those who might not know, David Wesley literally created the role-playing hobby.  It was he who inspired Arneson and, eventually, founding father Gary Gygax himself!  Our goal with Braunstein! was to create a historical game that emphasized true decision-making, exploration, and role-playing in the absence of special powers and abilities in a context that made sense.

And now the game will EVEN CLOSER to its influences!!!

James (left) and Wesley (right) sign
the Licensing agreement for Barons of Braunstein! 

Barons of Brausntein will be an UPDATED file, so anyone who purchased it already should get the new version.  We're expanding the booklet (now up to 32 pages) and adding some new material, including rules for historical battles, Viking shield walls, and the fictional town of Braunstein in the Middle Ages written by Wesley himself as a setting for original chronicles!    

Co-designer Robyn (top) also signed
and posed here with Su Wesley (bottom) at lunch...  

David and Su are absolutely wonderful people, and we could have listened to Dave's yarns all day long!  But for now, we're putting everything together and are already talking about a follow-on supplement (Witch Cults of Europe) that adds fantasy content while preserving the game's historical atmosphere.  We don't have an official release date for either one yet, but you can expect the new BARONS OF BRAUNSTEIN sometime in late summer or early fall!


  1. That's great news! And you are very luck to get to know and even work with a true historical figure.

    I have a secret (well, not now) desire to use Braunstein to run a Diplomacy-style game over snail mail.

  2. Link? A search for braunstein on drive thru brings up nothing.

    1. It went off-line pending the License, but those who bought it previously can still access it through their libraries. It WILL return though...

  3. AWESOME! I can't wait. I really like where this going. Congratulations, and thanks for the good news!