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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alien Wizards of Pangea...

True wizards in Blood of Pangea are removed from the mortal realm, although they watch mankind with a mixture of amusement and/or suspicion, being watchful for threats to their power and interested always in recruiting possible servants.  Whether these mysterious magicians are truly immortal or simply very powerful is left to the individual judge, but may include the following...  

ALIEN wizards hail from another world, perhaps one better represented by Retrospace.  These have alien psychologies and often view humanity with disdain or disinterest (more so even than the more conventional or Pangaean variety).  Alternately, these powerful entities are CTHONIC wizards serving one or more of the terrifying and feared SIX BLACK NAMES, like, Ktuul, etc. 

The former will possess additional abilities as assigned by the judge, while the latter call up any number of demons once per round without penalty and, possibly (1 in 1d6), their patron!

This altar to Nalguib was
found in Barooma, whose cosmopolitan
sorcerers admire its wisdom... 

To give judges some idea of the possibilities here, the following wizards are offered for their use:  

NALGUIB (ALIEN) hails from some distant galaxy and makes pains to conceal its true appearance, although this is vaguely humanoid, albeit hidden beneath its robes.  More so than the others, this one prefers to operate via human intermediaries and is supernaturally impervious to attempts at stealth and deceit, easily detecting lies spoken in its presence (assume 1-5 in 1d6) and otherwise sensing   
concealed or hidden enemies with similar success.

NEMODIUS (CTHONIC) appears as a dark and slender humanoid, being literally a black and cosmic void in human form.  A high priest of the BLACK NAMES, it induces madness (per the rules) against any characters looking upon it for more than 3 consecutive rounds unless it desires otherwise and can easily absorb any unfortunate victim within 10' who doesn't spend 1 MIGHT...    

As high priest of the BLACK NAMES, it adds +1 to all attempts at summoning its masters and is served by 1-2 HOUNDS:

TYPE: Hound of Nemodius  MIGHT: 5  MOVE: 50' DAMAGE/BONUS: +2

The dreadful HOUNDS OF NEMODIUS appear as canine versions of their master, but without the same power.  They attack with a bite and deadly claws and, being drawn from the void, have a 1 in 1d6 chance of completely absorbing any weapon successfully used against them, making them highly effective guardians!

The above are just a starting point for the judge, who is highly encouraged to expand upon them and add more!  For greater ease, assume that statistics otherwise correspond to the Blood of Pangea rulebook (and the campaign setting).  Once again, characters are more likely to meet (and possibly do battle against) the servants of these spell-casters - and with varying degrees of success...      

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