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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Collected Pits & Perils...Is Here!

Well, it's here!  The Collected Pits & Perils, a hardcover collection of the original Pits & Perils rulebooks with some extra stuff thrown in for good measure.  Here's everything it has to offer, plus everything the product ISN'T...

So right up front: This is NOT a second edition, but a collection of PREVIOUSLY-RELEASED materials!

And now for what it IS...

The Collected Pits & Perils is a hardcover compilation of the original P&P rulebook and both official supplements.  It features a full-color cover with black and white interior covers and all the illustrations.  Basically, something nice for your bookshelf and/or for those who prefer a hardcover at the table...

But P&P is a different sort of game, and it requires a different approach, so we've included the 18-page HOUSE RULES FROM YERTH supplement for good measure.  This provides advice for managing your game and new content from the author's campaign - available here exclusively (and also illustrated to boot): 

How to handle non-combat actions.

An alternate hit point system to make combat fast and lethal!

New spells, rules for magic/spell research, and alchemical side effects for magicians making potions.

Some new combat stuff and new enemies as well...

Tips for introducing non-player enemies to the game while keeping combat fast, furious, and lethal!

Multiple new magic items that greatly expand the possibilities in your own fantasy campaign plus some new rules for armor.

All in a 50 pound stock for added durability (built to last)!

Finally, we've scrubbed the books thoroughly for errata and to ensure the highest quality attainable.  In fact, we've just updated all of our digital P&P titles on One Book Shelf to reflect these updates, which means you should check out your libraries!

We love P&P and plan on publishing two more of our Basement Adventures this year.  But we're done updating this.  The game has reached its definitive stage, and we're moving on to other stuff, including something big with polyhedrals...  

Note that for now, the softcovers are still available because it doesn't make sense to stop selling them and because we like them and they're our only option for any kind of retail sale.

NOTE: The product listings for the softcovers have been updated to make buyers aware of the hardcover option. 

Now, this means you can get all three softcovers for $29.00 or the (collected) hardcover for $33.99.  And we've updated the product descriptions of the softcovers to alert potential buyers that the hardcover is an option should anyone prefer...

If you haven't already gotten the softcovers, this is an option.

But if you've purchased the softcovers already, this is the definitive version, and we leave that up to you whether or not you wish to pick it up eventually.  The choice is yours.

Everyone's support of the game has been overwhelming and much appreciated, and we thank you all.  Hopefully, new hardcover allows you to create worlds of wonder using just your imagination and a pair of six-siders!  Your imagination is what it's all about!


  1. The cover looks really great. I picked up the hardcover from Lulu just today. I'm really impressed with the game and hope to get a play by post going with it soon. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Been looking at this game for a month and trying to resist another game that will sit on my shelf 😉. Hard copy, 25% discount with free shipping.
    Resistance is futile.
    Looking forward to finding an opportunity to play this. Will look great with my Whitehack books - Lulu does a nice job.

  3. Ordered a hardback copy from Lulu today! Feels great! Have to watch my mailbox carefully for this gem to arrive...

  4. Very cool! Have been enjoying P&P for a while and was hoping a hardcover copy would come out. Just point my order in, and now I'm just waiting by the mailbox.

  5. I'm wondering if you've considered a Lulu cloth-covered, dust-jacketed hardback option for the original rule book (as Whitehack). I have a collected OD&D 3LBBs like that and the paper is nicer than my other Lulu books and cream-colored too (old school!). I'll assume the page count would not be an issue as Whitehack is only 62 pages and offers the dust-jacket hardback. I think P&P would look and feel great in that format.